The way we think about what we eat is changing so many of us now. Realizing that the way we produce, prepare and think about the food we eat every day reflects our present culture and will ultimately influence our future.

Herb Library’s manifestation of the Slow Food principles is by producing good, clean, fair food and products. We use carefully sourced, sustainably grown vegetables and salads from Bali’s central mountains, to create appealing, healthy and satisfying dishes while constantly experimenting with local flavors and ingredients to keep supporting local producers and farmers in Bali.

Waste management is practiced in where we work together with village communities which are engaged in segregated waste transportation services and waste processing, especially processing organic waste into compost.



We sort food waste and minimize it so we can recycle it back into compost. Not only that, we also use the rest of our food ingredients to make it into Eco Enzyme which we use for plants around the restaurant area.


Our staff comes from members of the community who have a passion for hospitality and a heart for sincere service. Our restaurant design adopts the “joglo” concept which was curated by local artists. Our products and materials are taken from local entrepreneurs and farmers by growing sustainably. Topping this, we continuously support local culture by performing traditional Balinese dance performances as part of the restaurant’s entertainment.

We look at sustainability in 4 areas:

  • Water
  • Waste
  • Community and culture
  • Equipment &CO2 Neutrality


  • All water is treated so it in drinkable (tested monthly)
  • Wastewater processing
    • SBR System, Sequenced Batched Reactor


  • Every amenity in the Herb Library is 98% eco friendly
  • Our glasses are made from recycled glass and bottles
  • Food waste redirection and a menu to designed to minimize that waste
  • Recycling (RumahKompos Padang Tegal)
  • Composting (RumahKompos Padang Tegal)
  • Locally sourced products and suppliers by growing sustainably

Community and culture

  • Hiring Indonesian Companies and people to develop local talent
    • Architect, staff, musician  and dancer
  • Sustainability education to employees and guests who are passionate
  • Participation in Eco/Sustainability groups to promote practices and education

Equipment & CO2 Neutrality

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Participation in Eco/Sustainability groups to promote practices and education
  • Energy switches
  • LED Lighting