Seat And Blend Into The Nature

The interior of the restaurant, together with the natural rattan furniture is designed to reflect the pale blue of the sky and bright green of the vegetables we use. The large central table is covered with fresh leaves and flowers every day to reflect not only our attention to detail but to give thanks to Ibu Pertiwi, Mother Nature.


The way we think about what we eat every day is changing because many of us now realize that the way we produce and prepare and eat our food not only influences our planet but can help to prevent illness in ourselves when we get older. All the Herbivore (H) dishes at HERB LIRBARY are prepared by a team that really cares about the food they serve, using only carefully sourced and organic where possible, fruit, herbs, salads and vegetables with an additional choice of responsibly farmed fish and seafood dishes for our Omnivore (O) guests.


Nothing on our HERB LIBRARY menu is deep fried, we only use virgin coconut or olive oil, no palm oil for cooking, no MSG of course, sugar is kept to a minimum and everything is lovingly, freshly made to order. The most important ingredients are the herbs themselves, lots and lots of them. Small pots of fresh herbs and a pair of scissors are placed on each table so that guests can snip additional greenery to add to their dishes.